Sustainable Sales Pipeline

Feeding your sales pipeline with highly targeted leads, your sales people with data for 100s of hand-picked contacts, driving brand visibility and positioning your business for a sustainable future.

More Than Just Prospecting

Using Sam's methodology, combining LinkedIn® mastery, Social Selling, true Digital Marketing, advanced Sales Psychology and best practice, Pipeline Pro is more than just prospecting. Imagine a sustainable stream of conversations with people in your exact target market, who identify with the problem you can solve. Add targeted content for a massive boost in brand credibility. Feed your sales team with contact details for 1000s more people in your target market. Become members of Sam's online academy to unlock LinkedIn® and Social Selling. Throw in monthly mentoring sessions. That's Pipeline Pro.


1,800 Targeted Connections

150 new highly targeted LinkedIn® connections per month, using personalised prospecting.


Connections to Conversations

We average 5% conversion from connection to leads, engaged in PAIN based sales conversations, handed to your sales people in real-time.


Re-Targeted Outreach

100 outreach messages per month to existing nurtured connections from months 6 to 12, with 8% average conversion.

Sales Data

Targeted Sales Data

Email and phone details for every hand-picked connection for your sales people to follow-up.


Membership & Mentoring

Membership to Sam's Pipeline Academy unlocking Social Selling, content, nurturing and more. Plus live monthly mentoring with Sam.


Content Done For You

Content written for you to drive brand visibility, build credibility and emotionally engage your target market (Premium only).


Introduction to Pipeline Pro by Sam Rathling

by Sam Rathling

Pipeline Pro is based on the 8-part Pipeline Building methodology developed by Sam Rathling. Sam is Chief Visionary Officer at the Pipeline 44 Group and Linked Inbound, LinkedIn® Expert, Best Selling Author and International Speaker.

Introduction to Pipeline Pro

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Jake Ringland Jake Ringland, Ninja Team Supervisor
Lianne Saxton Lianne Saxton, Sales & Success Manager

Specialists, Not Software


No Automation

Every campaign connection and potential lead is hand-selected by a dedicated Campaign Ninja, qualified by our Campaign Ninjas and added to your network. Better qualification means higher conversion.


Measured for You

Our Ninja team are measured using KPIs that match our campaign deliverables. It's our purpose to meet and exceed campaign targets and delivery exceptional customer experience.


Customer Service

We foster open relationships with our customers and encourage two-way feedback. Our Campaign Ninjas and Success team hold quarterly review meetings with every customer. We rate each other and everyone improves!

Engaging Content, Written by Experts

Our expert team create highly engaging LinkedIn® content to support your campaign, crafted to build credibility and emotionally engage your audience. We write a minimum of 2 posts per week (more if you'd like us to). Plus, we give you a monthly content framework including post types, titles, themes and PAIN points, so you can easily write more of your own.

Even More Leads

Our average lead conversion is 5% (which is excellent by marketing campaign standards). That leaves 95% - around 1,700 new connections in your exact target market - sitting in your LinkedIn® network.

We provide you with the email addresses and phone numbers for all new connections, meaning that you no longer need to buy additional data for email campaigns and cold calling.

What's more, they're all in your LinkedIn® network and will see your content, so it's likely that when you do call them they'll recognise you.

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Build Credibility

1,800 targeted connections to progress through your sales nurture cadence and build credibility with great content.


Email Campaigns

Email addresses for your new connections, for your email marketing campaigns.


Sales Calls

Telephone numbers for your new connections, for your sales people to call.

Save on lists

Higher Conversion

Nurturing targeted connections and building credibility increases conversion from email campaigns and cold calls.

Real-Time Tracking and Resources

Our priprietary customer portal gives you access to your campaigns, academy, sales data and a suite of tools to enable your sales team and maximise your ROI.

Campaign Tracking

Real-time tracking and analysis of your campaign statistics, leads and social activity. Multi-campaign tracking and monitoring for teams.

Sales Support

We're not sales trainers, but our team has sold £100m's around the world. We've created sales support materials and tools to help you to qualify, nurture and close the right customers with consistency.

Free CRM and data export

Our new free CRM system (yes, anyone can use it, even if you're not a customer!) gives small businesses the tools to manage their sales pipeline, without spending money on systems. For larger businesses, all of our data can be exported to your CRM system.


Packages and Options

Pipeline Pro Pipeline Pro Premium
Professional Profile Makeover Your campaign profile is professionally re-written to speak directly to your IDEAL target market
Expertly crafted messages Connection and second messages written to engage your IDEAL target market in conversation
1,800 targeted Connections 1,800 new connections in your exact target market (usually a little more, never below)
Sales Leads in conversation Average 5% of new connections in conversation about their PAINs, ready to progress by effective sales people.
Content Done For You 8 engaging content pieces per month and a monthly content framework to guide your own posts.
Sales Campaign Data Telephone and email contacts for all new connections, to utilise in telephone and email campaigns. optional
Academy Membership Membership to Sam's Pipeline Academy programme to unlock Social Selling, Engaging Content, and much more
Monthly Mentoring Monthly online mentoring and Q and A calls with Sam, as part of your Academy Membership.
Dedicated Campaign Ninja Every campaign is run by a dedicated Campaign Ninja, supported by our expert team.

Ready to feed your Pipeline?

Book a discovery call with Lianne to find out if Pipeline Pro could revolutionise your sales pipeline

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Success with any marketing activity depends on a lot of factors and we don't onboard customers if the service isn't right for them. If you think we're a good fit, book a discovery call with Lianne. We'll ask you a lot of questions to make sure that Pipeline Pro will work for you and we're a good fit for each other.

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Highly targeted leads, hand-selected sales data, brand visibility and credibility aren't closed sales. They are the foundation for sustaining the right type of business (and a sales person's dream!).

To be successful, you will need to make sure that your sales process is robust and effective. Sales is mostly about nurturing leads through your Pipeline, not just closing, so you'll need to be able to do both, consistently.

If we're not writing content for you (and even if we are), you'll need to consistently commit time to create emotionally engaging content, engage in activity in your target market, comment, like and share relevant content and generally be proactive.

We generate leads, so we are a lead generation company. But we're more than that too.

Pipeline Pro delivers highly targeted leads in conversations about their problems (we call them PAINs). On average, 150 leads over a campaign.

Alongside lead generation, businesses usually go to great lengths to build brand awareness and gain share of voice in their target market. If you engage with our methodology consistently, for as little as 15 minutes a day, your visibility and credibility will increase dramatically. You'll find that you start to receive inbound leads as a result, and your credibility with all of your leads will be high, before you even speak to them.

What's more, many businesses spend money on email lists or sales call data, which is often generic industry data scraped from social platforms. Pipeline Pro Premium customers (it's a low-cost add-on for Pipeline Pro Customers) get the email addresses and phone numbers for all 3,000 of our manually selected connections for your email marketing or telephone campaigns. They will all have connected with you on LinkedIn® and seen your content, so you already have visbility and credibility. You'll be surprised how many people recognise you when you call.

Our leads are hand-picked to fit your target market by our expert team, we don't use automation. That means that every connection is selected, checked and made because they are in your ideal target market, or because they will give you access to people in your ideal target market.

Our Campaign Ninjas are measured on your connection to lead conversion ration. It is their purpose in life (well, work life) to achieve it. We hold them to account.

That depends on your approach. If you're already getting consistent leads, effective brand awareness and targeted sales data from LinkedIn®, there's no need to fix what isn't broken (though maybe if you're reading this, it's not working quite as well as you'd like?).

There are lots of businesses campaigning on LinkedIn®. They typically send salesy messages (often using inMails, which don't work), focusing on product features and benefits, sending white papers and posting content that doesn't always drive engagement.

No. Pipeline Pro is a Strategic Pipeline Building activity, not a quick fix. If you're desperate for business, Pipeline Pro isn't the right service for you.

We've worked in a wide number of industries, but it doesn't relate to campaign success. We're experts in our methodology, which is based on human psychology, not industry quirks. We thoroughly test your target market during onboarding, and the language and approach we use is tailored with you.

Pipeline Pro works for most industries. We've had plenty of customers tell us that their target market is no on LinkedIn® and be shocked to find that they are, and so on to win lots of business.

We will tell you if we think that Pipeline Pro isn't right for your industry. We only onboard customers if we are confident of the result.

So do we (though they are a great lead source for Pipeline Pro!). We don't send awful salesy messages, we engage people in conversation based on the problems that you solve (their PAINs). None of the horrible sales pitches that we all loathe.

We could show you a fancy ROI calculator, but the fact is (as with all marketing activities), closing sales is up to you. Pipeline Pro is a lead generation, brand creibility and sales data service. Closing leads is the responsibility of your sales people.

Our average connection to sales lead conversion is 5.67%. We would expect your close rate to be higher than leads from traditional marketing methods.

Yes. Pipeline Pro is a marketing activity, designed to provide highlghly targeted leads, hand-selected sales data and education to help you to create a sustainable sales and marketing ecosystem. You will need to have sales capability to turn leads into business, including nurturing and closing.

No. We are a team of experts and every lead is hand-selected, filtered and qualified. We don't make generic searches, scrape data, use automation tools or any other outdated volume based broadcast marketing methods.

If you'd like us to! Pipeline Pro Premium includes 2 pieces of expertly crafted content for your LinkedIn account each week. We also provide you with a content framework, including content types, content themes, post headlines and guidance on emotional engagement, so that you can create additional targeted content quickly and easily.

Yes. Speak to you Campaign Ninja if you would like to upgrade during your campaign.

Ready to feed your Pipeline?

Book a discovery call with Lianne to find out if Pipeline Pro could revolutionise your sales pipeline

What Our Customers Say

We know it's all down to the results. See what our customers have to say!

Tracey Miller, Bigger Brighter Bolder

"I've been a Pipeline Pro client of hers for nearly 12 months. In the beginning I had reservations about the investment. It took us about 3 months to hone the targeting and the messaging and now it's become a core part of my business development.

There's nothing else that I've invested in at this level that's delivered such a clear and consistent ROI and it continues to connect me with prospects I wouldn't otherwise know at all. If you're considering taking her up on Pro, go for it!"

Jo Ann Sweeney, Sweeney Communications

"These conversations would not have happened without your support. I've now won one of the contracts and am in the middle of delivering the people change, plus discussing delivering change management for another two of this global client's transformation programmes. I've also won work with the second of those digital transformation directors.

My monthly income is now stable, no more feast and famine, and I am earning 50 percent more per month than the target I set at the beginning of our working together."


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